We organize courses throughout Finland, at the customer's premises. Our own training facilities are located in Turku and Espoo, and we organize courses there regularly. Our courses are only one working day long, so we are very cost-effective. In addition, our courses focus on practical work, which is more meaningful for the participants.

Our courses also ALWAYS teach how to use an AED device (defibrillator).

EFR® - first aid course is officially accepted in more than 180 countries.

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Our EFR® First aid courses 

Through us, you can get the following EFR first aid courses (for more detailed content of the course, click):

We have organized first aid trainings since 2017 and have improved first aid skills, e.g. in the following companies and communities:
Valmet Automotive Oy, Valmet Automotive EV Power Oy, Neova Group Oy, Turun kaupunki, TKU-Rakennus,
Westlog Oy etc.

Our main trainers have long practical experience in first aid, e.g. in the tasks of the rescue service. In the course, you will hear a lot of real life examples of real first aid situations.

The courses are organized per customer and we can emphasize the most important/typical first aid situations for each industry. The course can be organized either at your premises or at our own training facilities. If necessary, we can acquire training facilities separately for the course. We can also organize "TyKy" days with a first aid theme, with all facilities, food and beverages -please contact for further information.
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